How far is kissimmee florida from the beach? (2024)

How far is Kissimmee Florida from the beach?

How far is Kissimmee, Florida, from a beach? You can find a sandy paradise at Discovery Cove, about 40 minutes away. The closest beaches along the ocean are Cocoa and Daytona Beach, each about 90 minutes away.

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Is Kissimmee near water?

Although Kissimmee is located about an hour from each coast, you'll find plenty of sand to sink your toes into in Central Florida! At some places, you can even get the same beach experience of crashing waves, the shade of palm trees, and an incredible breeze.

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Is Kissimmee close to Clearwater?

The direct drive from Kissimmee to Clearwater is 95.1 mi (153 km), and should have a drive time of 1 hr 49 mins in normal traffic.

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Is Kissimmee or Orlando better?

Kissimmee is Orlando's friendly next-door neighbor and offers many advantages, especially when it comes to budget traveling. In terms of tourist expenses, Kissimmee ranks below Orlando. As per reports, Orlando is slightly above the national average, while Kissimmee is slightly below.

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How far is Disney from the beach?

Disney World is not too far away from the beach. The closest Atlantic Coast beach is about 64 miles and a 1-hour drive. The closest Gulf Coast beach is about a 1.5-hour drive.

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How far is the closest beach from Disney?

How Far from Disney is the Closest Beach? The closest beach to Disney World is Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach is about 70 minutes away from Disney World and will be the closest choice for a day trip when visiting Disney World.

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Does Kissimmee have beaches?

While Kissimmee City does not sit directly on the coastline, it is located on the shores of Lake Tohopekaliga, which is in Osceola County, Central Florida. The closest international airport is Orlando International Airport. One of the highlights is the beaches in Kissimmee Florida.

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Is Kissimmee cheap?

Affordable cost of living

Compared to other major cities in Florida, Kissimmee has a lower cost of living. Housing prices are more affordable, with homes selling for a median price of $330,000.

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What is Kissimmee known for?

You'll experience the adrenaline rush of twisting rollercoasters and the thrill of seeing beloved characters at Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld® Parks & Resorts™, and LEGOLAND® Florida Resort.

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How far is Disney from Kissimmee?

If you're traveling by car, there's a direct route from Kissimmee to Walt Disney World Resort. Magic Kingdom sits at the end of World Drive, which is accessible via W192, I-4, and Osceola Parkway, from any major road. Distance from Kissimmee: 10.7 miles, 25 minutes by car.

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Is Disney close to Orlando or Kissimmee?

While most people think that the most famous theme parks are in Orlando, they are, in fact, closer to Kissimmee. If you are visiting for a few days, you will have an easier time staying in Kissimmee instead of driving to Kissimmee from Orlando every day. For example: Kissimmee to Disney World: About 11 miles.

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Is Tampa Bay near Kissimmee?

Yes, the driving distance between Kissimmee to Tampa is 75 miles. It takes approximately 1h 19m to drive from Kissimmee to Tampa.

How far is kissimmee florida from the beach? (2024)

What is the best month to go to Kissimmee Florida?

The winter months are always a popular time to visit Kissimmee, which has a lot to do with the light rainfall, beautiful days, and pleasant temperatures. The average seasonal high throughout December, January, and February is around 74, while you'll see an average low of between 50 and 51 degrees.

Is Kissimmee FL expensive?

Kissimmee, Florida's cost of living is 2% lower than the national average. The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career, its average salary and the real estate market of that area.

Is Disney technically in Kissimmee?

Walt Disney World is located in Florida, just outside of Orlando and Kissimmee. Technically, the resort occupies the cities of Bay Lake, Florida and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, both of which are controlled by the Walt Disney Corporation.

What is the best beach to stay at when going to Disney?

The closest beaches to Disney World are Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Canaveral National Seashore, and Cocoa Beach, all on the Atlantic coast (East). Each is about the same driving distance from Disney World, with Daytona Beach sitting just over an hour to the northeast, just above Cape Canaveral.

Is Cocoa Beach nice?

Cocoa Beach is one of the nicest beach towns in Florida. It's an attractive city with many positive features, including beautiful public beaches and a historic beach boardwalk and pier. Beaches in Cocoa Beach are among the most beautiful beaches in Florida.

Is one day enough for Disney Sea?

Yes, you can do the highlights of Tokyo DisneySea in one day. If you want to experience everything, you'll need at least two full days. Is Tokyo DisneySea worth it? Tokyo DisneySea is a unique experience and the only Disney park in the world.

How far is Clearwater to Disney?

Clearwater beach is about 90 minutes drive away and the closest gulf coast beach to Walt Disney World Florida.

Which beach is closest to Orlando?

1 | Cocoa Beach | Cocoa Beach is the closest beach to Orlando, approximately 59.8 miles to the east. This famous beach sits on the magnificent Space Coast, so named for its proximity to the iconic Kennedy Space Center and its rocket launches.

What beach is close to Orlando?

Cocoa Beach is the closest beach for Orlando residents, located a little less than an hour from Central Florida. It's well known for family fun, relaxing along the beach, a location for eco-tours or for deep-sea fishing.

Can you walk around Kissimmee?

Walk Kissimmee

Park it at Kissimmee Lakefront Park and walk around the waterfront, stopping for ice cream, some splashing in the fountain pool and perhaps a cast into the lake known for bass and black crappies.

How far is Kissimmee from walmart?

The distance between Kissimmee and Kissimmee, FL - Walmart Supercenter is 3 miles.

Why is it called Kissimmee Florida?

The name 'Kissimmee' itself means long water, and the city is named after the Kissimmee River. Shingle Creek, known as the headwaters of the Everglades, runs through the town and you can take a relaxing canoe, kayak, or standup paddleboard trip through its historic waterways with The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek.

Do you need a car in Kissimmee Florida?

Downtown Orlando, Kissimmee, and Sanford are all walkable areas. But if you need to save time or escape an afternoon rainstorm, the Kissimmee Connector, downtown LYMMO, and Sanford Trolley will get you around town quickly. These shuttles all stop at local attractions, as well as at each area's SunRail station.


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